Knowledge Base

-Capitalizing the first letter of each sentence
-Ending each sentence with a period (just one period)
-Running a spellcheck on your letter
-Including your username so we know who you are
-Emailing before 3PM EST because we're in Los Angeles, and by noon, there's better than even odds that we've been drinking
-Understanding that this service is free and as such, we've already done you one favor, and now you're asking for one more

So you have a problem. The first place you should visit is our Getting Started section, then our Frequently Asked Questions page, and finally our Support Forum which may net you the answers you need faster than us responding to your email.

Barely Acceptable Support

Welcome to AloofHosting's Barely Acceptable Support (BAS.) BAS was designed so that we can go about our day -- working our real jobs, eating our real sandwiches, drinking our real cocktails, and watching back-episodes of Futurama -- all without guilt or moral qualms over ignoring the many thousands of abandoned AloofHosting members who may be in wracking, emotional pain.
Be aware that while your email will be read in a timely fashion* it probably won't be answered.
However, don't give up hope. You can substantially increase your chances of receiving an Actual Answer (AA) to your correspondence by:

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