To Aloof Hosting

So, Here's The Deal.

It's Really FREE (Your site is paid for by a small text ad placed in the footer of each of your pages.)

250MB Disk Space (About 2,500 large images)

3,000MB Transfer / Fast 100mbt Connection (About 60,000 visitors @ 300KB/second)

Ever try other free web hosting providers? Popup ads, unrealistic bandwidth limits, banners at the top or bottom of each screen. It's disgusting.

That's why you should let us exploit you instead. We'll give you 250MB of diskspace to store your large site and 3,000MB of bandwidth so you can provide your content to hundreds of thousands of readers of your teenage-angst poetry. We'll even set up a web-based control panel and FTP to make uploading and managing your site easier -- and what do we ask in return?


You can help. In fact, we need you to help.

Tell us how to make AloofHosting drastically better than those other free website embarrassments. Visit the forum and post under Suggestions and Comments, or send an email to: bas@aloofhosting.com

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